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Professional balloon artists, creating stunning decorations for every occasion

Balloon Art Studio

is a family-owned and operated balloon decoration business! We specialize in creating beautiful and unique balloon decorations for all occasions, including birthdays, baby showers, gender reveals, and grand openings all over the Tampa Bay. Our team of skilled and certified balloon artists will be happy to work with you to bring your vision to life, whether you're looking for elegant balloon centerpieces, playful balloon sculptures, or balloon backdrops. We take pride in our attention to detail and strive to provide top-quality service, ensuring that every event, from birthdays to corporate events and grand openings, is a success. Contact us today to start planning your special occasion and let us add some fun and excitement with our balloon decorations!


Each balloon design is unique, but to get an idea, here are some basic prices


$18+ per foot
Up to 5 balloons in a row
Any color
Starting from 5 feet
FREE balloons delivery
FREE setup


$25+ per foot
Up to 12 balloons in a row
Any color
Starting from 5 feet
FREE balloons delivery
FREE setup


$40+ each
Any color
Custom writing +$40
FREE delivery with balloons
FREE setup
FREE breakdown


$16+ per foot
Classic or Organic
Any color
Starting from 3 feet
Grab at ZIP 33647
FREE self-adhesive mounts


$60+ per centerpiece or bouquet
Centerpiece or Bouquet
Any color
Custom design
No helium inside
FREE balloons delivery


$90+ per bouquet
8pc 12" latex balloons
3pc 12" foil balloons
1pc 18" latex balloon
1pc 18" stuffed bubble balloon
FREE balloons delivery


Latex balloons filled with helium will stay in the air for 10-15 hours. Latex balloons treated with High Float for 2-4 days. Foil ballons last for 5-7 days

Most air-filled balloon decorations usually last a couple of weeks indoors.

Outdoor balloon decor is greatly affected by Mother Nature. Therefore, the sun, heat, wind, and rain will decrease its duration.

Price depends on complexity and size of balloon decoration. For example, 10 feet balloon garland price may vary from $200 to $300 depending on the design.

Yes, we can make your balloon decor uniqe with signs. Simple sign starts from $20

Yes, we do deliver all our balloon decorations in Tampa Bay, Florida, most of them for FREE for all orders starting from $250. Balloons delivery schedules using a three-hour time frame. We may be ready to travel outside Tampa Bay for major events.

Please push "MAKE AN ORDER" button and fill out the form. During the next 24 hours we will get back to you to discuss the details.

Once your order is finalized, you can make a payment using a link on our website (top right corner)

Yes, if we lease our props, stands or backdrops. If it's a garland or arch itself without any stands, there is an additional fee for breaking it down. Please let us know when booking your balloon decor if a take down and removal is needed.

After confirming your order, we will share a payment link for online payment. Your chosen time slot will be secured, and necessary supplies will be procured for creating the decorations once you book the event. As a result, we won't be able to refund the cost of supplies plus a $50 flat fee.


Satisfied clients make us so happy